From our perspective, it’s more rewarding (financially and otherwise) to do an excellent job for a few customers than to do a mediocre job for many of customers.

Our service formula:

  1. Take the time to understand the customer’s business and space requirements
  2. Educate the customer on market conditions and realistically set their expectations
  3. Sort through available options and often preview and photograph the spaces to identify which are potentially a good fit and then present the best options
  4. As new spaces come available, make sure your customer knows immediately, and in many cases even before it hits the market to everyone else
  5. Be patient and take the customer’s feedback into account on each space
  6. Once the space(s) is identified, advise the customer on the best negotiating strategy
  7. Continuously present emerging opportunities as they present themselves even as the negotiation on the selected space(s) proceed.
  8. Make yourself available to advise the customer on anything after the lease is signed


Realty Chicago LLC is selective with whom we work with and will not take on an assignment that we don’t feel like we have expertise in. We also only work with tenants that we would be proud to introduce to an owner’s building and have faith their business will be successful. This gives us better opportunities for repeat business from successful customers and enhances our reputation with landlords which will give the next customer we work with more perceived desirability from the same landlords.

Of course, most office vacancy information is readily available to any broker, but there is a lot of important information that isn’t provided that we are very familiar with. For example:

  • Landlords that are accustomed to working with startup business and more accommodating
  • Landlords that provide higher quality installations/build-outs
  • Landlords that are more open to considering short term leases
  • Landlords that typically require lower or higher security deposits
  • Landlords that have unfavorable clauses in their lease
  • Landlords that are more responsible managing their buildings
  • Landlords that are more accommodating and flexible moving around their tenants over the course of their lease
  • Landlords that take a long time to negotiate terms and a lease (useful for tenants with a relatively distant move-in date and good to avoid if you’re in a rush)
  • Landlords that have restrictive or expensive move-in policies
Realty Chicago conference room

Realty Chicago LLC will present only options that make sense for a specific tenant and avoid wasting time showing you spaces you don’t need to see. We will preview spaces and take pictures of them for you before setting up an appointment to tour the property. We probably already have a relationship with the landlord or representing broker and will set your expectations on what can be negotiated ahead of time.

We help tenants save time and money by presenting the right building and landlords. We pride ourselves in always being accessible and promptly responding to our customers any time day or night. We understand that securing your office space is a top priority for your business and we treat it as such.